Finally, a fun, tidy and durable cable.

Connection types:

USB C - Lightning
USB - Lightning

Shipping Worldwide.
UK Tested And Regulated.
Data Transfer & Fast Charging.
Eco-Friendly & Organic Materials.

The Only Cable That Is Always Tidy

No More Cables Getting Tangled And Knotted In Your Bag Or On Your Desk. The Super-High-Strength Magnets On The Cord Keep Your Cable Exactly How You Want It To Be. Make A Spiral, Flat Loops, Zig-Zags – Let Your Fidgeting Imagination Run Free!

The Cable That’s Always Exactly The Right Length

Whether You Choose The Standard 0.9M Fidget Cable Or The Extra Length 1.8M Version, Just Pull Out The Amount Of Cable You Need. The Unused Cable Length Remains Coiled Up, Securely Gripped By Our Magnetic Technology.

The Fidget Toy That’s Always With You

This Is A Great Fidget Toy That Doesn’t Look Like A Fidget Toy – After All, It’s A USB Cable! Fiddle With The Cable Whenever You Want, Magnets Are Always Great Fun To Play With. Create New Ways To Coil Your Cable, Fix It To Metal Furnishings, Find Unusual Ways To Let Your OCD Run Wild.